“Mariya Dimov has been practicing Reiki on me for 3 years and it is simply one of the best experiences of my life. When you walk into her space you can feel her warm and loving energy. Mariya's powerful and sustainable energy is unlike anything I have experienced. Being a double Pisces, I carry a lot of old and new powerful energy, but Mariya handles it with ease. Each session I lose myself into an outer world while she gently purges me. I feel lighter with each session and I simply wouldn't trust my energy to anyone else."

Melissa Garner
Hair Color Specialist


"Mariya is a true healer. She embodies the creativity of an artist and the thoroughly refined glowing energy of a mystic. She is absolutely attuned to many levels of consciousness. In Reiki sessions with her, I have experienced incredibly visceral shifts, both during our sessions and more notably, after. After one session, I had an entirely new relationship with a very painful part of my life. I cannot recommend her enough."

Allison Harris
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW


"Reiki with Mariya is a beautiful and profound experience. She is an intuitive, empathetic healer, with a vast understanding of both worlds.  Depending in your intention, her sessions have the ability to take you to places that your soul needs to go for healing and expansion, or to experience a gentle, loving, nurturing, feeling of being held, which we all need and crave. My own experience with Mariya's Reiki, has been both.  She is an amazing Reiki practitioner that possesses knowledge and experience with both plant medicine and energetic moving meditation. The space where the sessions are held, is both safe and sacred, a place where you can surrender into what waits for you, while being guided with experienced and loving hands. Please indulge yourself and have a session with Mariya. "

Tom Carlson
Tennis instructor and body worker


"Mariya was the first person I trusted on my journey into healing and energy work. She helped me feel comfortable and accepting of the process with every step. She is pure magic. If it weren’t for her healing energy, I would not be where I am today. Mariya has a powerful spirit, pureness of heart, and clarity of vision."

Leanne Grimes
Painter, art professor


“Mariya possesses a gentle touch of a naturally gifted healer. She has an uncanny ability to fully tune into her client as she’s masterfully holding space with deep compassion and non-judgment.

Mariya’s approach combines acupressure and reiki into a unique multidimensional modality that’s all her own and carries a strong curative power. I was lucky to experience it firsthand when I had issues with sciatica pain, and felt improvement after the very first session....so grateful!”

Nelia Vish

Graphic designer


“Mariya is very well versed with the spirit realms, extremely kind and intuitive, generous, caring, and particularly humble. Her space is immediately welcoming and safe – she takes good care to ensure this be so. I personally decided to do her 3-session bundle, and was glad I did. I experienced immediate shifts in my first session alone. The second brought up deeper things to be cleared over time – and the third was a very nice ‘finishing’ touch to the whole process. Mariya has helped tremendously with gently steering me on the path which has cleared most of this up.

Experienced, devoted, and loving – Mariya offers the warmest opportunity to assist you with reaching your next milestone. With tips, advice, and an open heart – she has given me an experience I am very grateful for, and I expect others would share the same!!!”

Kaleb King


"Mariya is a very sweet and nurturing healer who is sensitive to your needs. I'm lucky to have received energy healing and Reiki from her and am always recommending her to friends in need of an energy tune-up."

Becca McCharen-Tran
Chief Executive Officer