Mariya Dimov is an alchemist, channel, medicine woman, intuitive healer, certified yoga instructor, and seeker of truth. She is certified in Reiki, acupressure, and Access Bars.  She’s a painter, sculptor, performance artist, dancer, traveler/adventurer, jewelry designer, lover, student, and adventurer on this Earth we call home.

Her healing tools come from formal training with human instructors as well as experiences living in Peru, working with the master teacher plants and receiving information and ancient wisdom through various personal practices.

Mariya was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, a republic of the former Soviet Union and as a child, immigrated to the United States with her parents. In early childhood and in her teenage years, she suffered through different kinds of chronic illness, including Chrohn's disease. Her parents were always aware of alternative medicine and took her to healers, herbalists, acupuncturists, and shamans.  Though she will always be thankful to western medicine, through her body's healing journey she learned about the power, magic, alchemy, and most of all, the enduring efficacy of holistic healing.  

With her path of healing and art she has devoted herself to serving the divine in search of truth and the attainment of personal and collective freedom, growth, transformation, and joy. She is eternally grateful for these gifts in her life of privilege and to everyone and everything that has helped her grow, heal, remember, break down, learn, trust, conquer fear, rewrite the programming, continue the revolution, and rest in love. For the benefit of all beings. Thank you for reading.

You can find some of her artwork at www.mariyadimov.com

Her jewelry can be seen at www.etsy.com/shop/MetalSpace